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VOICE UC45 stereo USB

Versatility above all

Work, education and music all in one headset

The newest and most versatile headset from the Voice series, distinctive by its outstanding design, technology and quality of manufacture. VOICE UC45 stereo USB-A headset is perfect for office, remote work and education as well as listening to music.

Best noise cancelling headset in Axtel’s portfolio

The key feature of the headset is its passive noise reduction which mutes surrounding buzz. It was achieved by the largest yet earpieces (70mm) among all of the headsets in Axtel’s current portfolio which are covered in soft, high quality leatherette cushions.

The new solution introduced by Axtel in this new model is a dual headset connectivity either with USB plug or Jack 3,5mm. High production standard in European Union, great quality of materials, durable construction provide great user experience, comfort and product resistance. Additionally there is a busy light on the noise cancelling microphone which informs user’s entourage about ongoing call.

The most technologically advanced and versatile headset from the Unified Communication line. Equipped with backlit USB pilot with Audio button which allows user to adjust acoustic parameters optimized either for conversation or music.

Headset is comfortable and easy to regulate so that anyone can adjust it to his or her own preferences. Due to Plug&Play technology, compatibility with most softphones software the headset is easy to use and highly intuitive.


NEW! Connectivity with device using USB or JACK 3,5mm
NEW! Best noise cancelling among all Axtel’s headsets
NEW! Backlit USB pilot with Audio button allowing user to choose acoustic parameters
adjusted either for conversation or music
Large and soft leatherette cushions providing immaculate soundproofing
excellent passive noise cancellation
European manufacture and quality
Full HD stereo sound due to large 40mm speakers
Modern design and durable construction providing excellent passive noise cancellation
Microphone with advanced noise cancelling and busy light

Technologie zur Lärmreduzierung – sehen Sie, wie sie funktioniert

Überprüfen Sie die bessere Qualität der Geschäftskommunikation mit der fortschrittlichen NC-Rauschunterdrückungstechnologie. Vermeiden Sie die Absorption von Geräuschen aus dem offenen Raum Ihres Büros und störende Geräusche im Headset während Ihres Gesprächs. Das NC-System bietet einen klaren Klang jedes Wortes ohne Geräusche aus dem Büro. Unter solchen bequemen Bedingungen kann sich der Berater voll auf die täglichen Aufgaben konzentrieren und effizienter arbeiten.

Lärmreduzierung AUS

Technische Daten

VOICE UC45 stereo USB

VOICE UC28 stereo USB

VOICE 28 stereo USB-A

VOICE 28 duo QD

Art der Arbeit At office desk / mobile Am Schreibtisch Am Schreibtisch Am Schreibtisch
Art der Umgebung High noise / open space starker Larm starker Larm starker Larm
Kategorie Unified Communication Unified Communications Direkt Professionell
Drahtloses Kabel Kabelgebunden Kabelgebunden Kabelgebunden Kabelgebunden
Headset-Konnektivität USB / Jack 3,5 mm USB USB QD
Kompatibilität Softphone Softphone Softphone Schreibtischtelefon/ Softtelefon/ Smartphone
Die Tonqualität Stereo HD HD HD HD
Erweiterte Rauschunterdrückung Stark Stark Stark Stark
Mikrofon mit Geräuschunterdrückung
Akustische Schutztechnik <118 dB A < 118 dB A < 118 dB A < 118 dB A
Digitale Signalverarbeitungstechnologie
Technologie der automatischen Verstärkungsregelung
Tragestil Duo Duo Duo Duo
Drahtlose Technologie

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